Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: with a pre purchase inspection can you check if there is a possible leak in the bathroom?
A: yes!  I do a full moisture meter test with a machine that is able to detect moisture within the wall cavity. I do this in bathrooms, ensuite, laundry, and kitchen where ever there is water points.
Q: with a pre purchase building inspection do you climb into the ceiling?
A: yes! We climb through the roof space and check for possible truss issues. Visually check any visible wiring and air conditioning units.
*note* some building types make it not possible to enter safety into the roof space. eg flat roof and shallow pitched roofs etc.
Q: do you check the roof during a pre purchase inspection?
A: Yes I climb onto roofs to check the roof condition as this is a commonly neglected part of a building and often may look to be good condition from the ground when you view the property.
Keep an eye out on our website for more FAQs and feel free to call with any questions that you may have.