28 Aug 2019

Sub-standard workmanship found in building inspection
Not all tradesmen are good at their job!

Unfortunately here art A2Z Building Inspections I get regular calls in regards to sub standard  workmanship. This can cost you $1,000’s in the future. This particular case in Reynella, South  Australia the client had Foxtel installed. The contractor removed the ridge caps and then used silicone to reinstall the ridge caps. Both big No No’s! This unleashed a string of costly events.

  • Water penetrated the roof covering.
  • Water damage to the ceiling sustained.
  • A handy man was used to re-bed and re-point the caps to a sub standard quality leaning mortar in the gutter causing the gutter to over flow.

A defect indirection and report was performed due to the client wanting to take further action. A stressful and time consuming way to come about a solution for something that could have been avoided with a thorough & professional inspection of the trade person’s workmanship.

A2Z Building Inspections perform pre-purchase building inspections, pre-auction building inspections,  new build inspections,  defect specific inspections & pre-sale inspections. Make sure you don’t get caught out- phone Aaron today on 0401 953 057.

11 Jul 2019
Inferior welding on structural beams

Ever wondered how modern building structures suddenly collapse on people?

Structural beams, posts and lintels that have been welded by a person who is not qualified can be disastrous.
This is a extension being performed in Adelaide,  South Australia and has had  4 meters of a structural external wall removed needing a post and a steel beam installed to replace the wall. These welds have minimal penetration to the steel surface and will crack over time causing catastrophic consequences in the future.
A2Z Building Inspections performed a staged building inspection and provided the client with a staged building report with several major issues listed. All welds were rewelded by a qualified experienced welder eliminating future issues.
Staged building and pre purchase building inspections will save you money and heart ache in the future.
28 Jun 2019
Staged Build Building Inspections

Notice anything? Don’t let this happen to your dream.

Some builders will try to pull the wool over your eyes

A2Z Building Inspections not only provides pre purchase building inspections to existing properties, we also do staged building Inspections to new houses under construction.

This was a staged building inspection to a house under construction at Victor Harbor in the southern suburbs of Adelaide. The roof trusses at this property were installed poorly which would have caused major issues at the roof covering stage.

Noticing this issue ensures you the client ends up with a quality build which you are paying for.

Can you imagine signing off on you brand new home, only to discover later that the tradespeople have conducted sub-standard workmanship? The worse part is, unbeknownst to new property owners, chances are you won’t find out until there is a more costly problem like water coming in through your ceiling! Obviously this amounts to severe financial impact, not to mention the interruption to your families everyday life.

Building a new home?

Adding a extension?

Stage Building Inspections - A2Z

Here at A2Z Building Inspections we perform Staged/Progress inspections. We often find defects in new properties which can cause you expensive issues in the future which can be avoided if found and rectified In the building process.
This new build in Adelaide,  South Australia has had a string of defects during the build which have been now rectified eliminating the possibility of future defects.
In this case the end hip cap tile is incorrectly/poorly finished allowing water in when raining which will cause premature rusting to the fascia. Ridge  cap pointing is cracked already and the sisulation had not been cut back which will make it start deteriorating due to weathering.
Make sure your new build goes smoothly and to a acceptable high standard.

Don’t take chances.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about which stages are vital.

19 Jun 2019
Balustrade Safety
Balustrade Safety!

I often find while performing pre purchase building inspections balustrades with the ever so popular stainless steel balustrade wires that often exceed the maximum gap allowed of 125mm which is in accordance with the Australian Standard 1170.1.
If  your property utilizes this set up it is advised that regular checking of the wire tension is performed. This can be critical for infants and little kids. Remember it is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure safety on your balconies- don’t let a mishap occur, it could cost someones life.

Invest with confidence!

This pre purchace home inspection was located in Aldinga Beach.
04 Jun 2019

CLIPPING_Home Magazine_270519


An expert from the Association of Business Consultants shares his top tips for obtaining a professional pre-purchase inspection.

Having a pre-purchase inspection done by an experienced building consultant – even on a new-build home – assists in making an informed decision about the purchase. To the untrained eye, a home might appear to be in good condition but an experienced and reputable building consultant can look for problems lurking below the surface and ‘see through’ coats of paint.

Don’t stress over the findings

A report that shows an issue doesn’t have to signal the end of a sale. What it does is identify what needs urgent attention and what longer term maintenance should be considered. Not only can that help in negotiations, it also provides the opportunity for estimates on repair costs before the cooling-off period expires or a contract is signed. Problem purchasers make their offer subject to obtaining a report from an experienced building inspector.

New homes aren’t fault-free

A home under construction should still have an independent review of work being done, to identify any major faults now rather than well down the track or when it comes to sale time. Don’t assume a builder or contractor is doing everything to the highest standard – and remember that an inspection might be the last line of defense against major defects.

Go to the inspection

More buyers are now going to pre-purchase inspections with their building consultant so they can discuss any concerns and get greater context of any issues found. This avoids a novice buyer placing an over-emphasis on a minor problem or, even worse, not realising the seriousness of a defect. An average inspection takes about two hours to check the roof cavity, salt damp, moisture levels, paving, electrical and plumbing work as part of a comprehensive checklist.

Listen to advice

There may be times when a pre-purchase inspection identifies something that needs greater examination. Your building consultant may recommend a specialist expert be engaged before the sale concludes. Ignoring that advice runs the risk of an issue turning out to be far more expensive to rectify or a much bigger deal than originally anticipated.

Know your rights

A pre-purchase inspection can be done at any stage during the sales process and does not have to wait until a contract has been signed or a cooling off period has started. Don’t forget that an offer on a property can, and should, be made subject to the outcome of a building inspection report.


More advice and information about the Association of Building Consultants at www.buildinginspectors.org.au

24 May 2019
Roofing defect - rain will run straight in, pests too

Roofing defect – rain will run straight in, pests too

Interior view of damaged roof caused by open cavity

Interior view of damaged roof caused by open cavity

Roofing defect discovered by A2Z Building Inspections

Roofing defect discovered by A2Z Building Inspections

A2Z building inspections cover all areas between Victor Harbor and Adelaide.
Pre purchase building inspections can uncover issues that you will not see during the viewing of the property and with these days most purchasers are stretched financially not leaving much if any up your sleeve for unexpected expensive surprises. A pre purchase building inspection report will document all of these defects so you know what you are buying.
23 Jan 2019
unsafe window

Windows like these can be fatal.

The inherit dangers of second story windows and openings.

If you own or a purchasing a property with a second story, be aware of the dangers of windows that are potentially harmful to toddlers.
This was discovered during a pre purchase inspection  in Victor Harbor at a 2 story home. Low laying windows (below 700mm sill height) should not be able to be opened greater than 125mm gap to comply with the Australian Standards. While this is very simple to rectify, if left a toddler can quite easily fall. This type of hazard is all too often over looked by would-be home buyers who simply don’t notice upon viewing their potential properties.
Pre purchase building inspections pay dividends, not only in identifying possibly costly defects but also in recognising serious safety hazards.
Invest with confidence! 
12 Oct 2018
We inspect for poor workmanship on brand new homes

Brand new construction with shoddy workmanship


Are you purchasing a near new or building a new property??

Having a staged and/or hand over building inspection can pick up some issues that will cause you costly defects in the future. Don’t be fooled by new and shiny looking materials that can impress at a first glance.

This property in Seaford, South Australia had tek-screws through valley gutters and box guttering which will cause you massive headaches in the future. Once the rubber grommet on the tek-screw perishes it will allow water to pass the screw allowing the gutter to leak and eventually rust. This will be a costly defect to rectify in the future and will cause subsequent damage, further increasing the repair bills.

You would think that this type of thing would not be allowed to happen in today’s modern building practices, but as a professional property inspector I can tell you it is a regular occurrence. Purchasing a new home certainly does not void the risk of building defects. Always be aware of the quality of the trades that are working on your home.

Feeling concerned about an upcoming building project or property handover? Call now for a quick chat- 0401 953 057

01 Oct 2018

Easily prevent water wastage at home

Water wastage!
A little maintenance in your home will save you money. This toilet cistern is constantly running. Although this example is excessive, some adjustments should have been done s long time ago.
If you have any questions or would like a quote about home maintenance, home renovations please call 0401953057.

19 Sep 2018
Incorrectly built stump or stilt foundation during property inspection at Victor Harbor

Incorrectly built stump or stilt foundation during property inspection at Victor Harbor

Have a professional inspect your investment!

There can be underlying issues or incorrectly built procedures that you may not see when viewing what is possibly your new home.
Building on structural stumps (or stilts as they are sometimes called) offers some cost saving benefits but it is critically important to the integrity of your home that you ensure these stumps are correctly installed.

Avoid Costly Oversights

Incorrectly built stump or stilt foundation during property inspection at Victor Harbor

This is a photo of a house built in Victor Harbor, Adelaide South Australia which is built on stumps. As you can see this stump is sitting on a paver which is sitting on dirt. Basically this is a big red light! If any water washes beneath this property it can quite easily remove some dirt away from beneath the paving, causing it to sink. This would of course result in damage to the flooring above and significant repair costs.

All structural stumps need to be voted into the ground to a specified depth and concreted in place to eliminate any possible movement. To perform this task after the property has been established is significantly more difficult and expensive. Thanks to this potential Adelaide home owner having chosen a professional pre-purchase property inspection, they were able to avoid a costly mistake.
Ensure your property is up to scratch before you sign the papers. Arrange a professional property inspection before you buy.