17 Jul 2018
Cause of moisture damage around home


When performing pre purchase building inspections in Adelaide, I always perform the critical task of inspecting for moisture, plus I always look at the home and it’s immediate surroundings.
With the common soil in Adelaide and with Large pockets of Biscay soils in the Southern suburbs of Adelaide are typically not the best conditions for natural drainage. This can lead to foundation (Slab) movement and structural wall cracking etc. we can help this by having footpaths around the perimeter of the house to divert water (rain etc) away as much as possible.
For example: The area next to your property that you will not walk down will still benefit from a footpath to divert water away from the wall and foundation.  Footpaths serve more than one purpose. I have over 20 years building expertise so I can often see a future major issue often before any symptoms come to light. 
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