31 Aug 2018

Everybody enjoys a rendered finish on their home, but unless done correctly it can quickly become a costly & ugly nightmare.

Cracked cement sheeting
Are you building a new property?
When investing all your hard earned money into building your dream home, a builder or contractor who does not take pride in or is not up to an acceptable standard can make your journey and final outcome a nightmare.
There is many procedures that if done incorrectly can be disastrous for your building in the future often after your warranty has passed.
Cracked cement sheeting close up
This is a cement sheet and rendered finish which is a very common process now days. If done incorrectly it simply tears itself apart as you can see.
This is caused by not having any expansion joints to allow for expansion and contraction when exposed to different weather elements. The issues you can see here are clear. Small cracks all over the wall at every joint. These will become severe. 

How To Make Sure You Don’t Get Caught Out!

  • Staged Building inspections
  • Performed at certain stages during the build
  • Quickly identify these potential issues
  • Rectify any potential problems during the early stages of development

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