12 Oct 2018
We inspect for poor workmanship on brand new homes

Brand new construction with shoddy workmanship


Are you purchasing a near new or building a new property??

Having a staged and/or hand over building inspection can pick up some issues that will cause you costly defects in the future. Don’t be fooled by new and shiny looking materials that can impress at a first glance.

This property in Seaford, South Australia had tek-screws through valley gutters and box guttering which will cause you massive headaches in the future. Once the rubber grommet on the tek-screw perishes it will allow water to pass the screw allowing the gutter to leak and eventually rust. This will be a costly defect to rectify in the future and will cause subsequent damage, further increasing the repair bills.

You would think that this type of thing would not be allowed to happen in today’s modern building practices, but as a professional property inspector I can tell you it is a regular occurrence. Purchasing a new home certainly does not void the risk of building defects. Always be aware of the quality of the trades that are working on your home.

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01 Oct 2018

Easily prevent water wastage at home

Water wastage!
A little maintenance in your home will save you money. This toilet cistern is constantly running. Although this example is excessive, some adjustments should have been done s long time ago.
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