16 Nov 2017
Pre sale Inspections can be a great step to selling your home in Adelaide, South Australia.
The pre sale Building report will give you insight to some possible issues that may be favourable to rectify prior to sale.
You can provide the report to the possible buyer and point out any rectifications that you have made which looks good on your behalf.
This was a pre sale inspection performed at Aldinga, South Australia.
 Pre Sale Inspection - Outdoors
A brilliant cottage style home with loads of character at Christies Beach, South Australia.
Pre Sale Inspection - Exterior
Pre Sale Inspection - Internal
07 Nov 2017
A2Z Building Inspections perform pre purchase building Inspections and pre auction building Inspections of commercial properties.
These are one of the most important to inspect. Quite often commercial properties are not maintained as often as they should be and new owners are at risk of being caught unawares of potential liabilities, resulting in added financial pressure.
We have been all over Adelaide and South Australia of late with pre purchase inspections.
13 Oct 2017

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03 Oct 2017

Down Pipe Sump Box

Are you building a property in Adelaide?
It is essential to have STAGED BUILDING INSPECTION performed during the build to make sure trades are completing their work correctly. Are you getting what you pay for?
This photo is a down pipe sump box. There should be a gutter flowing into this. This is a major issue.
Have your biggest investment inspected during the building process.
18 Sep 2017
Are you purchasing property at auction in Adelaide, South Australia?
When purchasing at auction there is no cooling off period which make it important to get a pre auction building inspection performed before the auction day.
Once the hammer is down it’s yours! Then deposit is required that day!
It’s something to think about!
We can perform a pre-auction inspection for you. Find out more >
21 Aug 2017



Today’s Pre purchase building inspection is located in the Southern Adelaide suburb of Craigburn Farm.

With the roof covering being difficult to see from the ground the clients were not aware of this issue.
The issue is the tile ridge caps have become unstuck and need to be re-bed and re-pointed to become weather tight once again. If left not rectified this will lead to water entering into the roof space, eventually possibly causing water damage to ceilings and collapsing.
05 Jul 2017
One of this weeks pre purchase building Inspections in Victor Harbor, south of Adelaide.
Problem: Failed moisture test within the shower area.
Cause: no silicone sealant applied around the tap allowing water to enter into the wall cavity.
This can lead to timber rot within the wall, excess moisture resulting in tiles becoming unstuck or worst of all a expensive bathroom renovation.